As part of our response to the recent phishing attempts, we are temporarily suspending student access to Royal Roads webmail until early in the New Year.

What does this mean?

  • Royal Roads employees, associate faculty, and contractors will still access email through all regular channels.
  • Students will not be able to use webmail, but will still access email through email forwarding  or through a mobile device.  IT Services is auto-enabling email-forwarding for all students to support their ability to receive email this way
  • Students will now be sending email from their personal account, which means employees and associate faculty will receive email from a students’ personal account and not their Royal Roads account
  • We are notifying all students via email.  Please note, some students may not read this message in time and therefore may experience some confusion if they try to login to webmail.  If you receive a student inquiry or complaint, we request that you inform students that this suspension is temporary and refer them to Computer Services for any additional assistance.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed as the situation unfolds.  Updates are also available on Royal Roads web pages including Current Students, and Moodle.

Thank you for your patience and for support in maintaining cyber safety for the Royal Roads community. 

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