The fileserver file system repairs are now complete and the O: drive and other shares and services are back online. The file system looks healthy now, but some files were deleted during the process. We are investigating the recovery of the lost files.

There are still some symptoms of lingering problems and we may need to do more work on the system, but we hope to not disrupt the availability of the system again.



Weekend maintenance on the file server will result in the O: drive (Communities/Staff department folders) being offline starting at 6 pm Friday Feb 12th, for the evening and possibly extending into the day on Saturday.

Other services that will be affected are:

  • MyAdmin MyAwards
  • Unit4 automated student letters
  • Identicam picture export service
  • Sentinel logins are expected to be slow.

Why are we doing this?
On Wednesday February 10th, there was a failure of one of the boot drives on one of storage devices that house our main file-share, causing the two storage devices to experience contention over ownership of the file resources. The result of this was the O: and Z: drives and several other network folders going offline. One of the side effects of that was the inability to log into Sentinel. The IT-Services Infrastructure team was able to get this up and running again later that evening, however …
Because the storage devices then needed to be rebooted several times, there were some issues with files being corrupted or going missing. As a result, we need to take one of the fileserver volumes down for maintenance to ensure the integrity of the files and folders. Unfortunately this means taking the volume offline completely to minimize risk and speed up the process. A process that can take as long as 24-30 hours. We are hoping for a best case scenario of only 6 hours.
If the unexpected happens and it looks like the maintenance will try to run longer than 30 hours, we are expecting to abort it and restore services before noon on Sunday the 14th.



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