Currently for Staff only

For Instructors: MS Teams is not supported for teaching and learning at RRU. You can contact your CTET liaison to explore existing tools that can support online learning in groups.

For students: MS Teams is not supported for teaching and learning at RRU. Please contact your instructor to explore existing tools that can support online learning in groups.

There are a couple of way to communicate with you team members and others in Teams

Communicating within Channels

If you created Channels within your team, then using this way to communicate allows for an open conversation that anyone can participate in.  Also, when replying to a message in the channel, if the team member hits the "reply" button for the conversation, the conversations will remain grouped together:

When creating a post in the Channel, you can also create a subject for the conversation:

  • After clicking into the box to start a new conversation, press the Format icon ()
  • You can now add a subject, and also play with additional settings

Communicating by Chat

Chat also allows you to have a conversation with one or more people inside you team as well as anyone in your organization

  • Start one-on-one or group chat with any one by clicking on the New Chat icon
  • Enter the name(s), email address(es) or group(s) you want to chat with.
  • If you chat with multiple people you can also name this as a group.  Please note that in this format the conversations are linear and not grouped in conversations like you can find in the channels

Communicating by Video, Audio calls and Meetings

When you have started a chat with someone, you can also click on one of the following icons to start a Video Call, Audio Call or to share your screen.

Additional information can be found here

Please do not use on Sentinel

These features should not be used on Sentinel due to the high bandwidth this feature will use. Also, your local camera and microphone will not be available.

Share files

Be productive from anywhere, upload and share files - Teams makes it easy to share files and work on them together by clicking on the paperclip

For addtional information click here.

Create a Teams Meeting in Outlook

If the software is installed on your computer, then you should be able to create a meeting from the calendar in your Outlook

  • Open your Outlook Calendar,
  • Select the date and time
  • Click at the body of the appointment then click the Teams icon
  • Include the invitees 
  • Send the meeting invite

Setting up a meeting from a shared mail box, for example computer services,ocio, accountspayable, hrdepartment.

If you received below error, please proceed as advised.

Option 1- Mimic setting up the meeting as yourself then copy the Ms teams invite to the shared mailbox meeting invite before sending to recipients. 

Option 2- Set up the meeting as yourself instead of using the shared/Generic email

Other facts:

  • You can have 250 attendees in a meeting in teams but only 4 people are visible at a time.  The focus changes as people talk.
  • The teams are hidden from Global access.
  • All people are peers on teams unless the team owner amends it.
  • As a team owner you can pause/enable a meeting.

Contact Computer Services for assistance

As always, should you need further assistance, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form