Issue encountered:

A course that should be available as a General Studies course on the website isn't showing up under General Studies.


This means that visitors to our website will not be aware of this particular course as being available to enroll in as a General Studies course. General Studies is a very small population of our student base.


  1. The first course of action is to ask the user reporting the issue to contact the Registrar's Office directly, as it's most often the case that the Reg Office hasn't set this course up in Unit4 to be available to General Studies. This information is set up in Unit4 and fed to the website automatically. It's not something that we can override on this end. 
  2. In the case that the user has checked with the Reg Office, and confirmed that the course IS set up properly in Unit4 as a General Studies course, then the issue can be considered to potentially be a problem with the automated feed process and can be escalated to Web Systems.

Issue explained:

See above.