For Students

Your Academic Account (Moodle/MyRRU) is a temporary RRU account that is automatically created for you upon acceptance to RRU and closed two weeks after graduation.

  • Your account activation information is emailed to you within 48hours of your acceptance.
    • Please keep a close eye on your spam/junk mail folder as this email can be accidentally classified as spam by many spam filters.
  • This account and passphrase is completely independent from your permanent MyAdmin email address and passphrase that you created when you applied.
    • That account is used to manage your personal information (like your address) and other administrative tasks.
  • Resetting one passphrase does not reset the other.
    • For instructions on resetting your MyAdmin passphrase, please go here instead.

Your academic account is your responsibility so don't give your passphrase to anyone! Create a passphrase that is memorable to you but not too easy for someone else to figure out. It is recommended that you use strong passphrases and change them at least every six months.

How to Change Your passphrase:

Off-campus or in Residence:

  • Go to Change My Passphrase on the Computer Services website.
  • Enter your RRU username and existing passphrase.
  • Enter the New passphrase and Confirm New passphrase fields - make sure they are the same!
  • Click Submit (Once please, you will receive an email and a new passphrase each time you click the button).
  • Please wait at least 15 minutes for the change to replicate through the RRU servers.  This will help to avoid access issues.

On Campus:

  • Log on to one of the lab computers
  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  • Select the change passphrase option and change your passphrase.
  • Please note:  It may take at least 15 minutes for the change to replicate through the RRU servers.

Forgot your passphrase?

  • If your account is locked out, you must contact Computer Services to have the account unlocked
  • Go to Reset your passphrase.
  • Enter your RRU username and 6-digit RRU Student #.
  • Click Submit.
  • This will send a temporary passphrase to the external (non-RRU) email address we have on file for you.  Please wait at least 15 minutes before you attempt to change it.  This will help to avoid access issues.

If you do not know your RRU Student ID Number, please contact the Registrar's Office by phone at 250 391-2505 or 1-800-788-8028 to request your Student ID Number.