One or multiple instructors? Here's how to add them to the course survey.

Instructor Scenarios

There are many different teaching scenarios at Royal Roads.  We have provided standard templates for the most common cases.  If you have a different need, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form to request assistance with structuring your survey. See Standard Templates for Course Evaluation Surveys for examples of how to select the appropriate template.

Templates can be imported into Lime Survey from the O://Communities/Staff/LimeSurvey_Resources/ folder.

One Instructor

Many of our courses have only one instructor.  For these courses, use the standard template:

  • COURSE EVALUATION- standard template questions for one instructor

See the instructions for adding the instructor's name to the survey.

Multiple Instructors

Select the appropriate template for your multiple instructor scenario from the following:

  • COURSE EVALUATION- Multiple Instructors - Rate One
    • This is for multi-section courses where each instructor teaches only one section of the same course.
      • You can combine all sections of a course into one survey adding the instructors to a drop down list for students to select their instructor
      • You would upload tokens for all sections and manage one survey instead of multiple surveys.
      • Reports can be pulled for each individual instructor's results.
    • This could also be used for a course where there are multiple instructors but students only had one instructor teaching them.
  • COURSE EVALUATION- Multiple Instructors - Rate All
    • This is for any course where more than one instructor taught and students are asked to rate all of them.

Both of these templates provide four generic instructor's names. If you have fewer than that, you'll need to 'remove' the extra instructors prior to activating your survey.

See the instructions for adding multiple instructor's names to the survey.

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Optional - Add up to 3 additional program specific questions.