General Survey Questions

Program areas may add up to three optional 'general' questions to each survey.

Adding General Questions

In your course evaluation survey template, select the 'Add Question Group' option.

The preferred method for adding questions is to 'Import the General Questions group template' provided. This is a set of 'dummy' questions already prepared that can be easily modified to suit your needs.

If you prefer to start from scratch to create your own, read on.

Give the Question Group a title, preferrably 'General Questions'.

Be sure to 'Save Question Group' at the bottom of this page before continuing.

Add up to 3 extra questions to the survey, one at a time following these instructions.

Give each of your 3 questions a code continuing from the rest of the survey questions.

q8, q9, q10

Then add the Question in the Question field.

Select the question type:

See this sample survey to preview all available question types.

Be sure to 'Save' when you are finished to save this question.

NEXT - Get ready to send the survey to students by first Setting the Survey as Anonymous.