Add the Course Code

To ensure we can accurately report on the results of our feedback surveys, the course code will need to be added to every feedback survey. If the course code does not exist in the first survey question, the results of this survey will not be included in overall reporting. This field is hidden from the student as it is only for reporting purposes. See 'Course Codes' in the article 'Course Evaluation Surveys' for the details of this important step. 

Select the 'Questions about the Course' from the Question groups drop down list.

Select the first question in that question group.

Edit the question using the 'pencil' icon.

Copy/paste (as Plain text) or type the correct course code into the question description field.

Do not add anything else to this field.  The course code is all that should be here so we can connect it to Agresso for reporting purposes.

Note: The question 'Code:' must remain as is 'COURSECODE'.  Do not change this or reporting services will not find your course survey.

Save and close when finished.

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