What is Collaborate Ultra?

Collaborate Ultra a web-conferencing tool. Using Collaborate Ultra, students and instructors can connect synchronously in a virtual face-to-face environment. 

NOT for use through Sentinel

Collaborate Ultra cannot be used from Sentinel.
You cannot join a Collaborate Ultra web-conference by clicking a link in an email that you are reading from Outlook on Sentinel.

Collaborate Ultra requires access to the audio (headset) and video (webcam) on your computer.

You should access a Collaborate Ultra web-conference in one of these two ways:

  • directly from a web browser on your computer
  • use Webmail to view an email that contains a web-conference invitation and click on the link to join the web-conference

How can Collaborate Ultra be used to enhance teaching and learning?

Collaborate Ultra can be used to create a virtual classroom where participants can share documents, collaborate on projects, and communicate via chat, video, and voice in real time. Collaborate Ultra can be useful for virtual office hours, team meetings, weekly check-ins, online classes, and more. For more ideas about how Collaborate Ultra can be used, contact your CTET instructional designer

What can moderators do in Collaborate Ultra?

  • Share PowerPoint presentations and other files.

  • Share their screen or an individual application (e.g. a web browser).
  • Share a blank whiteboard.
  • Put participants into breakout rooms for small group discussions. 
  • Promote participants to presenters (e.g. if students are giving presentations)
  • Chat publicly or privately.
  • Assign a single session to the class or create a session for each team/group
  • Record live sessions and allow students to view them later.
  • Download or stream recordings.

To learn more about Collaborate Ultra, browse our how-to guides below:

Information for everyone

Information for moderators


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