Laptop bookings are for short term loans (< 3 Months) and for Staff, Faculty and Associate faculty only. If you want a laptop for longer, please contact Computer Services.

Please note that you must book laptops at least 48 hours in advance of the first day the laptop is required.  Also, if there are not laptops available it means all the laptops are reserved for that period.  Please contact us in this case, however as we may be able to move bookings around to accommodate your need.  Please note though, that we have a very limited number of laptops and may not be able to assist you.

First, go to the Virtual EMS webpage at

(For convenience, you could consider making a shortcut to this on your desktop, or marking it as a favourite in your browser).

Because you are logged in automatically to EMS, you are the "web user" for any reservations and bookings made in each session.

Please note!  ONLY the person whose name is showing in the upper right hand corner will be able to view/edit any bookings made while logged in as that person.

So, which name should be showing in the upper right hand corner?

If you need to impersonate someone else, click the little down arrow and choose someone else's name.  If not, just leave that.

Now that you've selected who you are, hover on the "Reservations" link, slide down and click on "Book a laptop/iPad"

Please note that you can only book for 48 hours from now - you cannot book for today or tomorrow.  This is so that we have time to prepare a laptop for you if one is not immediately available.  If you need something for today/tomorrow, please call us at 2659 and we'll do our best to help you immediately.

Click on the "Recurrence" button

If you want to book the laptop/iPad for some consecutive days, follow these instructions.

If you want to book the laptop/iPad for several days that are not consecutive, follow these instructions.

Regardless of how you choose your dates, the "Where and When" section of the screen will now say "Occurs... " and then either list a range of dates or a random selection of dates.

Now, click on "Find Space" (a laptop/iPad is not really "space"...  we know that...  but this is how it is)

In the upper part of the next screen, you'll see a line that says "No rooms currently selected".  (We know laptops/iPads aren't "rooms" but this is how it is, so...)

In the lower part of the screen, you'll see the laptops and iPads listed.  If any of the machines are not available for ALL of the days you selected, you'll see the little yellow triangle next to the machine name.  Hover over the triangle to see which days are problematic.

In the screen below, you'll see that Laptop # 6 is not available for three days because "another booking is in the room".  (We know laptops aren't rooms, but...)

(If ALL of the units show conflicts, call us and we'll assist as best we can to move things around so that you have what you need.)

In this case, though, we don't mind the conflicts on #1, 2 and 3 because there are 3 other laptops to choose from that do not have conflicts. 

 We are going to select Laptop #6 buy clicking on the little plus sign to the left of the name "CS - Laptop 6.  The plus sign means "add this to my reservation".

CS - Laptop 6 will be reserved for you for the days you selected earlier.  Notice how the upper part of the screen now shows the bookings?

If you changed your mind about a certain day, click on the "x" to the left of the day to remove it.

Once you're left with a list that suits your needs, that's it for the "What and Where". 

Now comes the "Who".  Click on the "Details" tab and fill in the blanks as appropriate.

Despite the fact that you are the "web user" who is making this booking, someone else might be the 1st contact and yet someone else will be the person actually using the laptop.  Make sure you enter valid information and then click "Submit".

Now your reservation details are displayed. 

While this may not be true for all things bookable in EMS, in the case of laptops and iPads, the reservation/booking is considered confirmed the second you submit the request.

You are done!

Wondering how to find existing reservations/bookings?