The owner of the reservation needs to log into EMS

  1. Click on Book
  2. Click on the View drop down list and select Laptops
  3. Select Weekly
  4. Find the reservation and right click on the reservation, select Open
  5. Select the date you want to cancel and right-click on the date and select Edit
  6. Or if you want to cancel the whole reservation then right-click on the top item (marked with the title and reservation number), and select Edit
  7. Look for the status and update the status to Cancelled - Internal
  8. A pop-up box will open up and you need to put your name and the reason you are cancelling the reservation. 
  9. Click OK to close the pop-up box
  10. Click OK to initiate the change
  11. Click Yes to confirm you want to make this \critical\ change
  12. Now you can go through the procedure again for another date or you can close the summary screen.  If you click on the reservation in the calendar the appointment should disappear.

Please contact Computer Services should you need further assistance