When changing your RRU password for our network, your Mac will probably not recognize that you changed the password. This means that connections you set up to Print, RRU websites you log into, applications that use your username, or network drives you connect to, may continue to try to connect to the network using your previous password. The best thing to do is to change the password manually in your Keychain Access.


An invalid password on a Mac, especially in email programs, can cause your RRU computer account to get locked out. It is very important that when changing your RRU network password, you make every attempt to update you password on all devices, especially when using that device to connect to your RRU email.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open your Kaychain Access. The fastest way is to do a Spotlight search for "Keychain"
  2. Select Passwords under the Category at the bottom of the left column
  3. Search for the RRU resource using the little search box at the top right of the Keychain Access window.
    • Printers - Search for the name of the printer (Milward2ndFloor, CedarCopier, Grant123)
    • Network drives - Search for "abersan-2"
    • Websites - Search for "Moodle", "webmail", "Library"
    • Email program - Search for "exchange"
    • Username search - Another way is to search for your username and this will show all locations where you use your username (ie. d2brown) to log in.
  4. When you have found an item from RRU, double-click on the item
  5. A window will open up that shows the name, account username and location. At the bottom of the window is a check-box to Show Password
  6. You might be prompted to enter your password. This is your Mac system password (the one you use to log into your Mac)
  7. Your password will now be displayed. Please update the password field with your current network password for RRU if it is not correct
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Repeat the steps for each RRU entry

Web sites (kind is Web form password) are not as important to update all at once as you will be informed if the password is wrong, and prompted to correct it, and then prompted to save the new password to the keychain.

However network drives and printers and especially email programs, must have a up to date password before you can access it. Also, and invalid password, in programs like you email program, might cause your computer to lock out your RRU account.