Media Support Services manages and supports all classroom consoles as well as all presentation equipment located in all the learning spaces the LIC and throughout the campus. They also manage and support the mobile carts containing computer equipment.

To contact Media Support Services, please dial extension 8525 from any on-campus telephone or send them a message. Please leave a voicemail message if you cannot get someone immediately as it will be forwarded to all technicians on duty. Please leave your room number, contact phone number, and the time that you called for quicker support.

Computer Services can provide support on networking ("Domain Instructional not available" message), or computer hardware issues, and back-up support if you are unable to contact the Media Support Services.

Where can I find Batteries for the remote controls in the classroom?

Although every attempt has been made to store batteries in the drawers in the console or on the cart, sometimes these batteries are removed.  Please contact Media Support Services at extension 8525 should you need replacement batteries.