Computer Services provides a full range of hardware and software options.  The basics are listed below.


By default, Computer Services provides computer hardware for all staff including the following components:

  • CPU/Monitor
  • 2nd monitor upon request
  • Standard Keyboard
  • Standard Mouse
  • (during WAH for Covid) Headphones with Microphone
  • Webcams (if not built into the computer)

When requesting equipment, please include your location and, (in the case of WAH) please include your preference for delivery or pickup.

Specialty peripheral should be purchased through the departmental consumable budget. This includes headphones, special keyboards and mice and small label printers.

Should you require assessment of your workspace and/or have medical concerns, please discuss these with HR.

We are currently replacing our computers on the 'evergreen' program which means that all computers will eventually be replaced with new models after three years starting with L14/L15.  We are currently replacing the older models first and deploying new computers as required.  The new computers (P18, ect) will be replaced on approximately a 4 year rotation.


Royal Roads provides software licensing for all RRU computers for the use of employees and faculty.  We currently have site licenses and provide support for the correct functioning (not "how to...") of the following applications:

  • MS Office – which includes:
    • MS Access
    • MS Excel
    • MS Outlook
    • MS PowerPoint
    • MS Project
    • MS Publisher
    • MS Visio
    • MS Word
  • Adobe Reader
  • Agresso
  • EMS
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Sophos Antivirus

If you require software that is not currently installed, please see our special instructions on ordering software.  If the software requires a software licenses, the request should come from a supervisor.


If you require instructions or need to know ‘how-to’ do something in a particular application, please use the online help feature available in each package by pressing F1 or please submit a ticket with your Full Computer Name so that we can log on remotely to have a look

Software for Home Use

As a Royal Roads employee, you are eligible for a free copy of Office 365 for home use, and you are eligible for other software at discounted price because you work for a university.