Configure Internet Explorer on staff computers to trust * will prevent the "login" prompt to authenticate using their network credentials. This would greatly improve your experience with the various intranet systems and reports.

To fix Sentinel reports change to

The same procedure works on Sentinel if you are having issue with Agresso reports.  Instead of *, enter instead.

To configure Internet Explorer's Local Intranet settings to trust

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools --> Internet Options. (Alternate click <alt>+<T>, then select Internet Options from the dropdown menu)
  • Select the Security tab
  • Select Trusted sites then click on the Sites button
  • Remove any websites like * or aruba or
  • Click Close
  • Back under the Security tab, select Local intranet and then click on the Sites button
  • A new pop-up window appears, click on the Advanced button
  • In the Local Intranet pop-up window, "add" the following entries:
    * (or to fix Adobe reports on Sentinel)
  • Click Close and OK
  • Back in the Internet Options windows, With Local Intranet still selected, click on Custom Level...

  • Confirm “Automatic logon only in Intranet zone is selected
  • Click OK
  • Back in the Internet Options windows, now select the General tab
  • In the browsing history section, click the Settings button
  • Under Check for newer versions of stored pages: select the option Every time I start Internet Explorer
  • Click OK and click OK one final time to close the Internet Options windows
  • Close and re-open Internet Explorer again