1. Click the Wireless Icon in the upper right corner of the screen, near the clock, and select Eduroam
  2. You should get the following prompt.  Leave it on Automatic and enter your Eduroam username and regular RRU Computer (Academic) Account password. and click Join

    Your Eduroam Username

    Your Eduroam username is the same as your Office 365 username.  It is in the format of Username@royalroads.ca.  So if d2brown is the username you log into other RRU resources, then your Eduroam username is d2brown@royalroads.ca

  3. You should be prompted to Confirm the certificate, press Continue
  4. You should now be connected to the Eduroam wireless.  If you are not, repeat step 1 and you should connect

You're Done!  You should now be successfully connected to the Eduroam wireless network, and should automatically connect anywhere it is available.