• Go to MyAdmin
  • Click on Create an account

  • Click on Applicant
  • Enter your E-mail Address, First Name, Last Name, and a password (twice)
  • Click on continue
  • Security Questions will be displayed; you must select three questions and enter the information, click Continue
  • A confirmation screen will be displayed, click Continue
  • You will now be logged out and a page to log back in will be displayed. 
  • Check your email.  You must first click on the link in the email to activate your account before you can log back in.  Please note that your "activation" link will only work for 2 days after which time you will need to contact us directly to have the account activated manually.  If it has not been activated, after 7 days your account will be completely deleted (requiring you to start over).
  • Also note that until you apply, your MyAdmin account will be deleted 365 days after your last login.  Once you are accepted as a student the MyAdmin account is permanent.

Once Logged In, You Will See the Following Screen

Left Menu

(This menu can have more or less items according to the season and the stage that an applicant can be in)

MyApplication Screen

What can you expect to see once you've been accepted as a student?