Teleconferences are booked using the Meeting Request feature of Outlook.  To book a teleconference, follow these steps:

  • In Outlook, on the Home tab click on New Items --> Meeting.  The Meeting Request form will open.

  • Enter the start dateend datestart time and end time for your teleconference

  • If not already selected, click on the Room Finder icon in the Office ribbon

  • Click on the drop down list under Show a room list and select Teleconferences

  • A list of (virtual) teleconference rooms that are available for the date and time you specified will appear.  If there are no rooms available, there can be two reasons for this:
    1. Room availability - All the rooms were booked previously
    2. Work Hours in your own calendar.  If your Outlook calendar "work day" ends at 5pm for example, then there will be no rooms available to you after 5pm.  To adjust your calendar work hours, please see this article.
  • (Note that these rooms are not physical rooms, they are virtual rooms.  Once you have booked a teleconference room, you can still use any real conference room or location and equipment to dial in.)
  • Click on the desired teleconference room.  You’ll see that Outlook will populate the To: field and Location: field.

  • Please DO NOT include your conference participants when creating this meeting request.
  • Enter a Subject for the meeting and click the Send button to send your request.  Note that the details field does not have to be completed.

You will receive a confirmation email from the booking system that provides the details of your teleconference:

You can now copy the details of the conference and distribute them to your participants.

Teleconference Long Distance

The email you receive will have a number of local and toll free numbers for Canada and North America.

If a participant is from outside North America, you can still have them participate however the procedure is a little different. Please get the phone number they will be using including country code and area code.

During the teleconference the Moderator should dial "0". When Telus teleconference support answers, mention that you need assistance in adding a participant and provide the phone number when asked. Telus will then "dial them in".

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