As noted in Best Practices for Building a Web Page, our websites should not include "mailto:" email links as a means of contacting anyone at the university. 

There are a variety of solid reasons for this decision:

  • Spam bots can pick up on these email addresses and you can end up with spam in your inbox. Nobody likes spam.
  • Using a mailto link expects that a user has a mail client set up on their computer. If the user is on a public terminal or borrowed device, they either may not have a mail client set-up, or the email will be sent from the owner of the device, rather than the user's own email.

If we find mailto: links on the website, you will be asked to remove them and replace them with an appropriate contact form.

Creating a contact form

If you have permissions to create a contact form

If you have access to create a contact form, you will find the option when you login to the site under Structure > Contact 

All of the available contact forms are listed on that page. Please do not change names of any of the pre-existing forms, or they will cease to work on the website.

If you do not have permissions to create a contact form

If you do not have access to create a contact form, please contact your Marketing Specialist (they are the super-users of the website) or submit a ticket to Computer Services to have a contact form created for your purpose. You'll need to provide us two things:

  • title of the form (what will show at the top of the contact form)
  • email address that the form will send messages to

Do and Don't

Don't use "" or ""


Do use a web link to a contact form like this: <a href="">E-mail Joe</a>

This web link should point to a contact form that you know exists. If you get the name of the form wrong in the link, it will default back to the 'General Info' (University Reception) contact form.