EduRoam is a Federated Identity system, by which members of participating Institutions can allow their users wireless access to other participating institutions wireless networks.  More information about the EduRoam project in general is available at

The university’s Canadian Access Federation Trust Assertion Document is available here.

While using the EduRoam wireless network, you must abide by the most restrictive rules under the combination of your home institution and the institution providing the wireless access.  You can find the Eduroam policies on the website under documents.

If you are associated with Royal Roads, Setup guides to connect to the network using your Royal Roads credentials are available.  Simply select your operating system from the related articles list below.

Please note you should connect to "eduroam" (not "Eduroam") when on campus.

When visiting other Eduroam member campuses: To access the service you must enter your RRU Academic Account username followed by (ie., then enter your RRU Academic Account password (the one you use for Moodle). If you have difficulties, please contact the local technical support for that campus.