RRU email can be accessed directly on the web at https://webmail.royalroads.ca/.  You log in with your regular RRU username and password (not your email address) and have full access to all emails and folders.  However you can also access through a mobile device (Sorry we don't allow an mail connection through computer programs like Outlook on personal computers)

Email not accessible with mail applications on non-RRU computers

Due to security concerns, Royal Roads university has disabled access to RRU emails using applications like Outlook, Windows Mail and Mac Mail on non-RRU computers.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes. You may continue to use Webmail and you can connect your email to your mobile devices as per the instructions presented below. Staff can also use Sentinel to access Outlook while off campus.

Basic info you need to know:

  • (Students) Forwarding need to be OFF if you want to receive email on one of your devices
  • Your email address is [firstname].[#][Lastname]@royalroads.ca
    (if your Academic Account username has a number in it, then your the number goes in front of your last name.  If you have no number in your username, there is no number in your email address)
  • The RRU incoming server is webmail.royalroads.ca
  • The domain is instructional (you may or may not be asked for this info)
  • Your username is your Academic Account username from RRU
  • Your password is your Academic Account password for RRU
  • A shared mailbox cannot be added to a mobile device and is only accessible through webmail (Online Archive not visible) or Sentinel (Online Archive visible)

Detailed instructions for using a local e-mail program on your mobile device

Webmail disabled?

If you follow one of the procedures above but are getting an error, please try logging into https://webmail.royalroads.ca/ (same username and password as Moodle) and confirm that you have access to the account. If you get a warning saying that it has been disabled, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form to activate this service. Otherwise, if you are able to log into Webmail, give us a call and we would be pleased to assist you further.

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