A course is visible on the website on one of the General Studies pages and it is not meant to be available as a General Studies course.

Background information

The two places that a General Studies course will appear on the site are:

The impact is that visitors to our website will think that a course is available as General Studies that isn't actually available to take as a one off course.


The Registrar's Office manages courses, general studies courses and course offerings on the website. They should be contacted first for any issues with courses displayed on the WWW site.


Contact the Registrar's Office directly.

Update the data in Agresso:

  1. Check that this course is set up in Agresso to NOT be available to General Studies.
  2. The information will be fed from Agresso to the website and the course page should be updated automatically.
  3. Confirm that this course has been fed to the website. (Please wait up to 1 business day for the feed to run)
What do to next

In the case that you have:

  1. Confirmed that the course IS set up properly in Agresso as not being a General Studies course;
  2. Confirmed that the course is still showing on the website on a General Studies page;

Then the issue can be considered to be a potential issue with the automated feed process and a ticket can be submitted to Computer Services by the Registrar's Office.