The main General Studies page is here:

This is an issue where the courses are not categorized correctly in the view on the main General Studies page. (See screenshot)

Background information

Courses are laid out on this page, categorized by the program that they belong to (parent page).



The HUMS courses break this pattern, as they are not associated with a specific program, but only by a school (SHS). For this reason, Marketing has chosen to leave them uncategorized at the top of this page, as they don't fall under a particular program.


If the course is:
  1. Showing on the main General Studies page but isn't categorized
    • Marketing needs to set the related program in the course node (page)
  2. Not showing on the main General Studies page at all
    • The Registrar's Office needs to update the course data in Agresso to associate the course with General Studies, so that it will feed to the website with the correct info to make it display.


Please do not submit a ticket until the initial troubleshooting has been completed by either Marketing (Option 1) or the Registrar' Office (Option 2) and the issue is still unresolved.