If this is your first time using a Windows 10/Office 365 computer at RRU, you'll need to

Sign in to Office

Immediately after logging on, open Word by:

  • Clicking start
  • Scrolling down until you see "Word" then click on it

Then, click on the 'Sign In' button.

(you'll see a message displayed briefly, then)

The prompt asks you to enter your email address but that's not really what Microsoft wants here, so enter your username followed by @royalroads.ca like this:

And then hit 'Next'
Now, enter your password (the same one you normally use to log on to your computer) and hit 'Sign In'

Make sure there is a check mark in the little box to the left of "Allow my organization to manage my device" and then hit 'Yes'.

And finally:

If you use many different computers on campus,  you'll have to set up email every time you use a computer for the first time.

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