How to connect to the new Ricoh PRINTERs and/or COPIERs.

While logged into your computer:

Right Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your screen

Click "Run"

Type \\eros, like this:

Click OK

Double Click on the unit name from the chart above.

Please wait a few seconds while the printer driver installs. When that's done, a box will open with the printer name on it 

If this is where you would like to print most often, make it your default by clicking on "Printer" then "Set as Default Printer"

Close the dialog box by hitting the X in the upper right corner.

You're all set.

How to set up a PIN on the Copier

Before you can do this, you'll need to know your staff ID number.

(Don't know your staff number? Don't have an ID card? You could look it up in CAMP or on a recently submitted leave form or even in the Avanti pay statement system. Got it? OK.)

You'll only need to do this the first time you wish to use the copier, scan or fax features.

On the LCD display on the copier, enter your staff ID number

Click on the button that says "No PIN"

You'll be asked to enter your PIN once and then again to confirm. Use something you'll remember easily and please do not use your bank PIN or anything else that valuable.
Now, you're set up. Click "Log in" to access the copier, scan or fax features.

(It is possible that once you've gotten the PIN setup, you'll need to start over to login by entering your staff number and then the new PIN).

Going forward, if you want to use the copier, scan or fax features, enter your staff Id Number and your PIN and then click "Log In".

You do not need a PIN for printers.

Scanning to email
Once you've logged into the copier, position your document in the top track oriented as the picture indicates.

Click on the scan button

Your own email address is the default and until we move to the production server, you can't change this. ***

You can, though, change the subject and the filename. Once you've done that, click the "Start scanning" button.

Your document will scan & be sent to you in email

If you wanted to scan to someone else instead of yourself, for now, you'll need to scan to yourself as outlined above and then forward the file in email. We're sorry about that! Thanks for your patience as we get all of the kinks worked out with the new copiers & printers.

Color Printing

How to reset or change your pin

(Does not work in Internet Explorer, use FireFox or Chrome)

  • In the Print Balance window on your computer, click on Details...
  • Log in with your regular RRU Computer Account username and password
  • Click on the Change Details tab on the left
  • Enter your new PIN twice
  • Click the Change Pin button

How do I get New toner?

In most cases there should be a spare toner by the printer/copier.  In some cases there should be someone in your department trained to replace the toner.  If you need assistance please don't hesitate to contact the Computer services department.

If you do not see a space toner, please contact Computer Services by email, phone or online ticket, and we will create a ticket for Ricoh to come and replace the toner.

The SLA with Ricoh is 4 hours.

How do I get support?

All support is now handled by Ricoh.  Please contact Computer Services by email, phone or online ticket, and we will create a ticket for Ricoh to come fix the issue.

The SLA with Ricoh is 4 hours.

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