Student Withdrawals

  • If a student voluntarily withdraws or is required to withdraw, a grade of ‘VW’ or ‘RW’ is entered in Agresso by the registrar’s office.
  • The grade in Agresso is the official grade and will not be overwritten by a grade from Moodle

Prior to course end date

    • If the withdrawal is entered prior to the course end date, the student will be automatically un-enrolled from the course.
    • No grading in Moodle is required as the student will not exist in the course in Moodle.

After course end date

    • If you are finalizing grades and notice that a student you know has withdrawn is showing in your gradebook, in order to submit grades for the course, you will need to enter an ‘INC’ for this student. 
    • Be sure to contact the registrar to confirm they know the student has withdrawn.

Extension Granted (EG)

  • Students requiring an extension in a dissertation, thesis, final project or research paper may apply to the dean (or designate) for an extension.  See the Policy on requesting an extension for a thesis, project, research paper or dissertation.
  • Once an extension has been approved, it must be submitted directly to the Registrar’s office along with a deadline for the extension. 
  • The grade for the student will be entered into Agresso as ‘EG’ until a final grade is provided. 
  • An ‘INC’ should be entered into the corresponding Moodle course gradebook for these students.
  • When the student completes their extension, they may require a further extension.  Follow the same process to request a further extension. 
  • No further grading can be done in Moodle since an extension requires payment. 
  • When the student completes their extension, email the final grade to the Registrar’s office.