Log in to HRsmart E-PDP site

  1. Go to https://humanresources.royalroads.ca/ and click on e-PDP on the right under Employee Tools
  2. Log in using your RRU username and password.
  3. You will be redirected to RRU's corporate E-PDP site run by Monster.com


You can log in directly through any web browser and do not need to be on RRU's network to access (ie. On campus or via Sentinel)

You do not need to log into the Human Resources site to get to the e-PDP login page

Log in screen

There are two different Log in Screens.  If you get the following screen, you must click on the Single Sign-On Login button before logging in. 


The Single Sign-On Login button may be off the bottom of the screen. Ie. You may need to scroll down to see the button.

Once on the following screen, enter your regular RRU Computer Account username and password

You may also see this screen when you first log in or if anything changes:

  • This shows the information the Monster.com service requires in order for you to gain access.
  • This service is securely encrypted and this information is shared only with this service. (You may notice this applied to more and more services in the future)
  • You have the option to release this information
    • This time only.
    • If any of these fields change.
    • Release my information to any service (now or future).
  • Accept one of the above conditions to gain access to the service.
  • If you 'Reject' any of these, you will not be allowed to continue to the service.


  • What if I forgot my password?  Please remember that this is your Regular Royal Roads account username and password.  IF you cannot remember your password for ANY RRU resources, you may reset your password on on Computer Services website
  • What if I have trouble logging? Submit a ticket to the helpdesk.
  • Royal Roads HR staff create Admin accounts on HRsmart.


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