Two (2) weeks after your degree has been conferred** your RRU Academic Account will be disabled. This means that after that date you will lose access to all your course material.  Below are the steps to do a courses compile and the extra steps to save almost everything so you can reference it indefinitely.

Conferred Date?

**the date that your degree will be conferred will be provided to you upon completion of your program


Course compile can be a real challenge because the default application does not download all files.  It may seem odd to start thinking about graduation when you are just beginning, but we strongly suggest that you actually start right away to save and organize the info you might want to keep as you travel this journey. This will save hours of grief and stress at the end of your studies at RRU.

Please allow 10-30 minutes per course.

A couple of extra software you might need

Before you start you need the ability to print to PDF.  You can find additional info here.

You might need to install the Google Chrome Video Downloader plug in to save the collaborate video files.

How to get everything:

  1. Create a folder for the course you are about to download.  We suggest using the title of the course for the folder name
    (You will move all your course files into that one folder so they are kept together)  If you create the folder in the Download directory on your computer it will save some time later on as you move files into this folder.  If you can, we also suggest you clean out the download directory before you start to make it easier to find the newest files you will be downloading.
  2. Run the course compile.  (Detailed instructions here)  This gives you the text from the various course pages


    We suggest you rename the file to "1- Course Compile - Course name.pdf" (where course name is the name of your course). This will move the file to the top of the directory.

  3. Move the Course Compile file into the new course folder
  4. On the Welcome Page (main page of your course) scroll down, and click on the Course Outline Link
  5. Click on the Sprocket at the top of the page and select Print Book

  6. In the window that pops up click on Print Book again
  7. Change the printer to "Save as PDF"
  8. Click Save 


    When asked for the file name, call it "2- Course Outline - Course name.pdf" (where course name is the name of your course). This will keep it near the top of the list of files with the Course Compile.

  9. Return again to the Welcome Page (main page of your course).
  10. Now you are going to scroll down and click on any PDF (), Spreadsheets (), Documents (), Presentations ( and any other files you might see as you scroll down.  These files will go into the downloads directory.  Move each of these files into the new folder your created for your course.
  11. Note: You do NOT need to download the Unit Notes as they were already downloaded during the course compile.
  12. Once that is done, scroll back to the top of the page and click on Assignments on the right hand side of the page under Activities
  13. Click on each assignment that shows you "submitted for grading"
  14. On the assignment page, select the document you submitted to download it. Move it into your course folder.


    We suggest you rename the file by adding "Assignment #" to the beginning of the file name, where # is the actual assignment number. Otherwise the assignment might not stand out in the all the files you downloaded already for this course.

  15. Lower down on the same assignment page, click on the Feedback document from the instructor.  Move it into your course folder.


    We suggest you rename the file by adding "Assignment Feedback #" to the beginning of the file name, where # is the actual assignment number. This will ensure that the assignment feedback is next to the original assignment. Otherwise it will get lost in with the other documents and since the instructor usually renames the document, it might not be close at all.

  16. Return again to the Welcome Page (main page of your course)
  17.  Time to save your Collaborate recordings.  On the main course page scroll down till you see the collaborate section, and click on the appropriate collaborate room.
  18. Follow this procedure to download the collaborate recordings.   Alternatively you can download the videos using the Google Chrome Plug-in Video Downloader

    Privacy is always of the utmost concern!

    Please be cautious when downloading these files. In some courses, the recordings might include some personal information that some would not want to be shared publicly. Be respectful of others and do not post this information in a public location without the express written consent of all participants included those that may not verbally say something but might have written something in the recordings chat window. If you are unsure, then err on the side of caution and do not post at all.

  19. Scroll down and click on the link Readings for the Course

    Please note

    Library access is removed 30 days after the end date of your final course.  So if 30 days has already passed, you may have already lost access to the library resources.  Please see this article for additional information.

  20. This can be quite tedious, but you will not have access to these documents once your account is closedClick on each link to a document that you found interesting and if possible you want to save the document as a PDF.  Note that some documents might not allow you to download and save.  That will be due to copyright restrictions and there is nothing RRU can do to change that.


    Please note that some documents save the file name as a generic number or nondescript name (Proquest, Sage, Ebscohost). We recommend that you rename those documents properly. This will save some frustration later on.

  21. Final step and THE most tedious - You must download the forum posts you want to keep.  On the right hand side of the course page, under activities, click Forums

  22. You will need to go through each forum to find nugget of truth you want keep. 


    We suggest opening a Word document and when you come across a quote or thoughtful comment, copy it from the forum and paste it into your Word document. Save the Word document as "Forum Comments" and save it in the course folder you created


    You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of comments or forums. Another thing you can try is to look at your own posts, and it might trigger your memory and help you find the comments you want to keep. You can find a list of your posts by clicking on your name in the top right of Moodle and selecting Profile. Now click on Forum Posts. Please note that these are ALL your forum posts for ALL your courses. When you find something that interests you, click on the Subject in the breadcrumbs to bring you directly to the forum.

Once you have done all this, you should have all of your course info.

An extra note worth mentioning is that if you got a subscription for Office 365 through RRU, this subscription, along with your RRU account will expire.  In order to continue to use Office to edit documents, you will need to purchase your own subscription.

Contact Computer Services for assistance

As always, should you need further assistance, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form