The Administrator in your group is the only person who can request/authorize access to Diligent for you, which they will do by submitting a ticket to the Helpdesk.  Once everything is set up at the server side, we'll contact your administrator, who will then let you know to go ahead with these instructions.

Important Information

The different steps of the installation process require different permissions and accounts, causing it to be a three-step process.  Please be sure to wait for each step to complete before starting the next step.

We can't force these to present in numerical order because the system sorts them by type, not by name, so please be mindful of which one you're selecting to run as they must be run in numerical order. 

From the Start Menu, open the Microsoft Endpoint Manager → Software Center

Click on Applications to view all available applications.

Click on DiligentBoards–01 (probably the rightmost one, as shown in the picture)

Click Install

You'll see some activity and a progress bar as the installation is happening, like this:

When the installation has finished, you'll see a screen like this:

Notice that the blue button says "Reinstall" - that's when you know it's done.

Go back to the Applications screen by clicking on the Applications option in the menu:

You'll see all the available applications again:

Click on Diligent-02

Click on Install

Important Information

Note that this one will start, you'll see a progress dialog box just as you did when the first one was installing and then you'll see a big box open up and some jibberish looking text go by on the screen.  This is normal.  It won't last long.

When you see the screen showing the "Reinstall" option, it's done and you can move on to the final step.

Click on Diligent-03

Click Install

This one will go so quickly that you may not have time to see the progress bar.

When you see the screen showing the Reinstall button, Diligent Boards has been installed.

Close Software Centre by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

Use the information received from your system administrator to log in.

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