The new licensing procedure for Adobe Acrobat DC is to add your RRU email address to the enterprise license.  To start the process you will need to contact the Computer Services department to Submit a ticket.

Additional Information about Adobe Licensed Software

Please note that these licenses are limited.  We would prefer that the licenses be provided to staff that need to manipulate existing PDF documents (edit, to make form-fillable PDF, create locked PDF documents).  If you just need to create a standard PDF document, all Office products currently have that feature built in and so you therefore do not need additional software.

Step-by-step guide

Once the Computer Services receive your request we will add your email address to the Adobe Licenses server.  Within a couple of hours (usually less then 10 minutes) you will receive and email similar to this:

  1. Click on the Get Started button
  2. You will be asked to log in:
    1. If you do not have an existing Adobe account you will be prompted to enter a new password.  It is recommended that this be a unique password for this account.  Please note the password requirements. (Uppercase/lowercase, number, symbol and 8 characters long)  Please note that you are only asked to enter it once, so be careful what you type.
    2. If you already have an Adobe account connected to your RRU email address you will be asked to enter the password now.  If you do not remember your password, choose the option to reset your password
  3. Once logged in, depending on your licenses, you will see some software options.  For the purpose of this instructions, you would select Acrobat Pro DC installer.  Click the Download button for the software you wish to install.
  4. Please close all Microsoft Office products, including Outlook.

  5. Once the software is finished downloading, please run it. 

    Special information for Windows 10 users

    Windows 10 computers no longer allow everyone to install software. If you have a Windows 10 computer (If you are unsure, your computer name - sticker - will begin with P18D...) then you will require "elevated permissions" to install this software. If you see that warning, please contact Computer services by phone (x2659) immediately and we can connect to your computer and enter appropriate credentials to complete the installation)

  6. Select all the default options, by pressing Next
  7. The software will download additional components automatically
  8. When this process is complete, you will be prompted to open the application or open the folder.  please select Launch Adobe Acrobat and press Finish
  9. You may be prompted to "Allow" Adobe to make changes to your computer, click Yes
  10. Click OK to confirm you want to install the software
  11. When the software is finished installing, please press Launch now
  12. You should be prompted to log in.  Please enter your RRU email address and password and then click Sign In
  13. You might be prompted to enter a cellphone number.  This is called two-factor or Multi-Factor authentication.  If you want two-factor authentication, enter your cellphone number, otherwise click Not Now
  14. Press Continue to complete the setup

Adobe Acrobat DC should now open up.  Your installation is complete