The known issues with Safari are as follows:

Error - "Safari is unable to open due to it being redirected too many times" when using the RRU Library site.

This issue is due to a protection built into Safari that prevents the browser from going to a site with too many re-directs.  This can protect you if a site is using that trick to bring you to a spoofed site, however this will prevent you from using our library resources.  We recommend Firefox for MAC or Firefox/Internet Explorer for Windows

HTML Toolbar in Moodle Forums is missing

When creating or replying to a post in Moodle, the toolbar that will allow you to modify your text with Bold, Italics and other formatting is missing completely.  Please use Firefox instead.  Chrome, based on the Safari engine, will have the same issue.

Safari v5 no longer fully supported in Moodle

It should still work but is not tested regularly and there might be some problems. Like most of the world's Web sites and browser producers, we encourage you to keep your browsers current to improve security and functionality while saving yourself valuable time.