How to grant administrative access to your survey to a group or individuals on the site.

Step-by-step guide

In order to give a person or group access to a survey...

  • The person needs to have logged into the site
  • The group must have been created.  Groups are created by Computer Services.
  • You must know which site the survey is on that the person or group needs access to
  • You must know the name of the survey

Adding a Person or Group to a Survey

You can grant access to your surveys for others to help manage your survey, or to preview it and the results.
    • Log into the Survey LimeSurvey site using your RRU username/password
    • Select the survey you want to grant permissions to
    • Under ‘Survey Properties’, select ‘Survey Permissions’

  • The user must have logged into the site before you can grant them permissions.
  • Select the user from the drop down list. (If their name is not there, they have not yet logged into the site.)
  • OR select the Group (see below for how to set up a group) if you are granting permissions to a group of people all at once.

  • Select the permissions you want to grant them from the permissions panel.

  • Be sure to ‘Save’ your changes.

Giving a Group permissions

A group can be created to allow members of a team who support each other to help manage each other's surveys. Typically, this is done in a work unit but could also be done for a team of students. Members are added to the group then the group is granted permission to the survey.  This has limited functionality as it only has the same effect of adding multiple individuals to a survey to grant them 'the same' permissions all in one step. Beyond that, it does not currently behave the way you might expect a group to.  For instance, if you decide to add a new person to the group, you can but it will only affect any 'future surveys' that you might add permissions to for the group. All existing surveys must have the individual added directly to the survey. The same is true for deleting a member from the group. This must also be done manually for each existing survey.

Grant an entire group permissions to manage a survey:

  • Have each member of the group log into Lime Survey
  • Send a request to to create a ‘group’
  • Include the name of the Group
  • Include a list of the users to be added to the group
  • Be sure to request it to be created on
  • Once the group has been created, you’ll be able to grant permissions to your survey by selecting the group from the drop down list just like adding an individual (see above).

Removing a person or group from a survey

Note: When a group is added to the survey, it actually adds the individual names. You must remove each name seperately from each survey you no longer want them to access.

  • Log into the LimeSurvey site admin page (Survey)
  • Choose the survey from the drop down list on the top right
  • Select the Edit icon and chooseSurvey Permissions
  • Click on the X icon to delete a person.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • Repeat the steps for each name.

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