LimeSurvey sites at RRU

There are two distinct sites provided for creating/managing surveys. Both of which are hosted here at Royalroads University. Be sure to select the appropriate one for your needs.

Course Evaluation Surveys:

  • Restricted to program administrators for collecting feedback from students regarding the quality of our courses.

All other surveys:

  • Open to all staff/faculty/students to create and manage their own surveys

Course Evaluation Surveys

  • Program Associates have access to create, manage their program's course evaluation surveys.
    • They may also be granted access to colleague's surveys to help support each other administratively.
  • Students do NOT need to log in to respond to a survey.
    • They are emailed a link with a token in it to allow them access to respond.
  • Tokens are uploaded to each survey as a CSV file (Firstname, Lastname, Email Address)
    • Bulk student lists are generated nightly for each Course or Program as csv files and are stored in O://Staff/LimeSurvey_Resources/
  • Surveys are created using a template (which ensures that certain settings are already set)
  • The naming convention for feedback surveys is to include the Course or Program code in the title of the survey

General Surveys

  • Instruction guide