MA in Interdisciplinary Studies is a bit different than most programs in that students are required to "build their own program" based on the courses given as requirements and electives. The selection of courses changes from time to time, so we've enabled Marketing Specialists to make those changes in Drupal themselves.

The list of courses available to the MAIS program is in a view here: 

The courses are displayed in four sections;

  1. Required Online Courses

  2. Major Project/Thesis Option

  3. Residency Courses

  4. Online Courses

Editing these courses is something that Marketing should do.

How-To Step by Step

To make a course available as a MAIS course on the website,

  1. Use "Content" to look up the course node that you want to change
  2. Edit the course node
  3. At the top of the edit screen, there will be 3 tabs. First one is 'General', Second one is 'MAIS'. 
  4. Click on the MAIS tab
  5. Fill out the fields as indicated:
    1. MAIS: 'Yes' - makes this show up in the view on the MAIS "courses" page; "No" will remove it from that page
    2. MAIS Category  - Select which section/category the course should appear under.
    3. MAIS Program - This will set/determine the program heading where the course will appear.
    4. MAIS Prerequisite - Set a prerequisite course if applicable, this is displayed in the course description area
    5. MAIS Corequisite - Set a corequisite if applicable, this is displayed in the course description area
    6. MAIS Course Notes - Provide any special notes for the course, I.e. this course may only be taken by students with an Education Background

MAIS Courses Admin Area

There is an admin area available to editors under Admin > Content > MAIS Courses

Direct Link:

You can see if there is any information on the Course Node that is incorrect or missing at a glance and bulk update courses with the correct information.

Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Does not include elective courses
  • Can use the default courses view which is activated automatically when a page is created as a child of the program with the name 'Courses'

Graduate Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Courses display uses the same logic as MAIS program with the exception of displaying information about Thesis/Major Project