Why: in order to ensure the currency of our learning platform through twice-yearly Moodle upgrades, we need an effective archive strategy to keep the Moodle environment “light on its feet”. An additional benefit to users is it will keep course lists short. Every 3-4 years we have a course Archive Event to delete older courses and archive courses from both our credit and non-credit Moodle servers (which includes courses from Professional & Continuing Studies).

Some important points to know about archive events:

  • Course archiving is important because it allows us to ensure the integrity of our data backups and maintain performance overall.
  • Archive events do not affect live courses or those that are under development.
  • An archive event means that courses that ended more than 90 days prior are moved to the archives. These courses are still available as archived courses until the next archive event.
  • During an archive event, any course in the archives that is more than 3 years + 90 days is removed from the archives and can no longer be accessed.
  • If you would like to preserve the content from a course that is currently in the archives, we suggest completing a course compile to ensure that the data is not lost. 

Please note: it is the student's responsibility to capture any materials or assignments from a course that they wish to keep for their own records. 


I need access to a course that's been deleted from the archives. Can I get it?

If you require course material older than 3 years, you may request a Course Outline and the Course Syllabus in question directly from the Registrar's office. You must include the full course name and start date.  

Will I be able to see logs for courses that are in the archives? 

No. Because logs go back only 4 months, by the time the course gets to archive, there will be little to see. If you require old logs, please submit a ticket to request this.