Students and Instructors can record audio on any Moodle Resource or Activity with the editing toolbar. Such as Moodle pages, Forums, Assignment Feedback, etc.

Also see the Moodle My Media - How to create a voice-only recording (using Kaltura Capture) article

Recording and Sharing Audio

  1. You can only record audio in the location you want to post to. In our example we will be using a forum post.
    First you will find the Record Audio button in the tool bar
    audio button

  2. A small window will open and you can click Start Recording

  3. You may be prompted by your browser to Allow Moodle to use your microphone, Click Yes/Accept
    There is a maximum of 2 minutes to record audio. Once complete ensure to click Stop Recording

  4. There are 3 options once you have stopped Recording.
    -Listen to recording by pressing the small play button
    -Record again to try again if you made a mistake
    -Attach Recording will add the audio to your content area

  5. Add any additional comments you want and ensure to click Save/Submit to add your audio and any additional content.