Royal Roads university is using Moodle's responsive theme, which means that the pages and content will respond to the device you are using (resizing depending on the screen size). For best results, access Royal Roads University's Moodle courses,, using the web browser on your mobile device instead of the app.

For Current Credit Courses:

For Continuing Studies Courses:

  • Mobile Site URL:
  • Username: Your RRU login name
  • Password: Your RRU password
  • Note: Before you try to access via the Moodle Mobile App, please make sure you have already created your Continuing Studies account by going to the Continuing Studies Moodle site on your computer and clicking on "Create an account" at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Official Moodle Mobile app (iTunesAndroid) does not support all the functions of Moodle - use at your own discretion.

For additional supported Apps and details on the apps functionality, please check out this Moodle Mobile FAQ page.