Sometimes mistakes happen.  Maybe you posted information in the wrong forum; maybe you posted the wrong information; maybe the format on the post looks off, and you would like to delete it and try again; maybe <gasp> you uploaded the wrong assignment.  All these things happen, and that is why there is a 30 minute delay from the time you post or upload, before it becomes permanent.

But what happens AFTER that 30 minute delay? 

Although, the Computer Services Helpdesk has the ability to remove posts or delete assignments, we are forbidden from doing so without the express written consent of your instructor.  The reason is: students are graded on class participation which includes assignments and forum participation.  If we remove something it could have an adverse affect to your mark.  We wouldn't know, and neither would you. 

Computer Services does have permission to make minor adjustments to the post if it is causing the forum issues, or to remove extra text or characters that are making the post unreadable.  please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form if you need assistance in these cases.  Please include a link the form discussion in question.

So what do you do?

Please contact your instructor and explain that you would like a forum post or assignment removed.  Please include a link to the form or assignment location because that makes it easier on everyone.  If your instructor is unable to delete the file or post themselves, they will contact Computer Services to give us permission to delete the file/post on their behalf.