Once you have received your Academic Account, you are able to log on to any of the Computer Lab computers and print. A Print Account is created automatically the first time you send a page to print and $1.00 is added to your print account as a courtesy.

How to add money to your printing account:

Visit the front desk at the Library or University Reception in the Learning & Innovation Centre (LIC) to add money to your print account.

You can always see your print balance is due to the persistent PaperCut dialog box that displays the current balance each time you log into a lab computer.

Printing prices:

Single sided printing$.10 cents per sheet
Double sided printing$.07 cents per side / $.14 cents per sheet
Colour printing$.40 cents per side / $.80 for double side

Printer Locations:

The following printers are available to students for printing:

Grant student copier - Grant 3rd floor 
LIC Business Centre BW - LIC Main (1st) Floor business centre, rm 109
LIC Business Centre color - LIC Main (1st) Floor business centre, rm 109
LIC lab - LIC Main (1st) Floor -rm 108
LIC 2nd floor hallway - LIC 2nd Floor
LRC student copier - Library main floor Lab
Sherman Jen Student Copier - Sherman Jen main floor


We make every effort to keep the labs stocked with paper. Should you find that a lab is low on paper, please let us know (local 2659 or send e-mail to computerservices@royalroads.ca) during hours when the help desk is staffed (see schedule at left). If you have a need for paper outside of these hours, please call security at local 2525 and they will assist you.


Please note that you are responsible for all charges incurred on your print account.  This includes print jobs that are printed using your account if you leave your account logged in  and printing to the wrong printer.

Contact Computer Services for assistance

If there is any issues when printing, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form as soon as possible and refunds can be provided at the discretion of Computer Services.