The following is an example of some of the screen shots a student will see when Applying

Account Creation

When they select Create and Account and select Applicant, or when they click on the Start Your Application button, they will get the following screen where set up their account

Then they will be asked Security Questions

A confirmation on the screen will display informing them that an email has been sent.  

Pressing continue will bring them to the login page, however they must find the email and click on the link in the email to "activate" the account.  Once they click on the link in the email they will be brought to the login page and see a confirmation message at the top.

Program Application

Personal Identification

They must answer the following questions.  Please note:

  • Items with a star are mandatory
  • Personal Education Number (PEN) is only for applicants that attended a BC K-12 school since 1993, or wrote a provincial exam since 1986.
  • The First NameLast Name and Email address are filled in automatically.  The email address cannot be changed within the application, however it can be changed from within MyAdmin by selecting MyProfile tab on the left
  • Preferred First Name is the name that they would like people to use to address them.  This name should not be a last name

    NOTE: you must enter at least one of the Phone number options.

Education History

The screen shots below show the screen before and after they press the button to Add Institution

Authentication and Payment

This screen is where the applicant will enter their credit card number to pay for the applications

See this page for applicants unable to make the payment