Office 365 is connected directly to your Computer (Academic) account.

What is my username for Office 365?

It is not your email address

Your Microsoft Office 365 username is your regular Computer (Academic) Account username + .

So Student with Acadmic Account username d1brown will enter

What is my password for Office 365?  How do I reset it?

Your Microsoft Office 365 password is the same password you use for your Computer (Academic) Account.  The one you use to log into an RRU computer or Moodle.

You can reset your password by following this procedure.  Please remember that if you change your password for Office 365, you are changing your password for Moodle.  


If your browser remembers your Moodle password, there are ways to find that password rather then resetting your password. Please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form for assistance or do a google search for "Browser name + manage passwords" where browser name is the name of the browser you use.