A windows update has caused a number of Office isues, including:

  • Microsoft Office tells you your trial has or is about to end
  • Linked Excel files not opening in Excel documents
  • Microsoft Access software not available
  • The option to create a "New" office document in Windows Explorer
  • EMS not opening properly.
  • Office documents represented by "orange" icons:

To fix this issue:

Please note that this fix can take 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • Close all Office applications including Outlook, Word, Access and the EMS application
  • Highlight with your mouse and copy the following link - \\seraph\swrepository\Office 2010\setup.exe
  • Click on the Start button and in the search field paste the command you copied.  This will search for the application.  At the top of the search window will see Setup.exe, click on the link to run the program.
  • When Office repair program pops up, select Repair and click Next
  • When the repair tool is finished, you do not need to reboot, but your office applications should be working properly now without errors or warnings.

Please note that the progress bar starts off really slow, but the process should still only take 10-15 minutes.

Why did this happen?  It appears that Microsoft has had a run of bad luck on their updates recently.

If you still need assistance, please do call us at 2659!