Data Source

Program Offerings are fed daily from Agresso to show on


The pages (nodes) for these program offerings are created in the site automatically on a cron run, but come into the site unpublished.

The Registrar's Office is responsible for:

  1. proofreading the data
  2. attaching a program schedule PDF (if required for that offering)
  3. publishing the page to the website.


Publishing program offerings

For more info on publishing program offerings, please see Workflow for adding Program Offerings to WWW

Once the Program Offerings are published, they show as "Upcoming Start Dates & Schedules" on the program pages, like this:

This also populates the Delivery and Tuition sections of the "Program at a Glance" block on the Program Page that looks like this:

The Program Length field in this block is manually entered by Marketing.

 See related troubleshooting article: WWW - The program length is incorrect on a program page