Printing from a Mac (running OSX 10.9 or later) to network printer

Please note that you must have the following information to install the printer on a Mac:

  • Windows Printer name (Check \\Eros - Ie. "Cedar Copier")
  • You must have the printer Model (see the printer for the information)
  • You must know the printer driver - please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form for this information

Once you have this information, you may proceed:

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  2. Choose Print & Fax from the View menu (Or Printers & Scanners depending on your version of Mac OSX).
  3. You might have to click on the Lock icon and enter admin password to allow you add printers.
  4. Click the button to add a printer.
  5. If you see the Advanced button at the top of the Add  window, skip to Step 9
  6. Otherwise, press the Control key while clicking the Default icon (or any other icon on the toolbar), then choose Customize Toolbar from the menu that appears.
  7. Drag the Advanced (gear) icon to the toolbar.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Click the Advanced icon that was added to the toolbar.
  10. Choose Windows printer via spoolss from the Type pop-up menu. (at the bottom of the list usually)
  11. In the URL field, type the printer's address in the following format:

    Note: "server" is Eros. "sharename" is the shared Windows printer's share name. If the share name contains spaces, replace each space with "%20" (without quotation marks).
  12. In the Name field, type the name you would like to use for this printer
  13. In the Use field select the drop down and choose “Select Software… “, locate the printer make and model and then click OK. This will install the driver you need (If the model can’t be found go the manufacture’s web site to down load the driver you will need.)
  14. Click Add.
  15. You now will set the options that are installed on the printer usually:
    1. Number of trays usually 2 or 4, (2 for printer and 4 for large copiers)
    2. Duplex is installed on all printers
    3. Flash set to Not Installed
    4. Output Finisher (for printers not installed and copiers standard finisher)
    5. Output Bin (1 for printers and 3 optional bins for copiers.) 
  16. Click OK and the installation should complete.
  17. Note you might need to provide network username and password the first time you print but after that it should cashed in the keychain.