A program offering that shouldn't be displayed on the website is visible on the website because:

  1. the program offering is closed for special audience I.e. Study Group, delivered offsite
  2. the program offering has not yet been finalized or approved to receive registrations.

Background information

There are occasionally program offerings that get published on the website prematurely possibly because of miscommunication between staff or departments. These program offerings are visible on the website that are not actually available for prospective students to apply to.


The Registrar's Office manages program offering pages on the website. They should be contacted first for any issues with Program Offerings or Course Offerings displayed on the WWW site.


This indicates that there is a page of type 'RRU Program Offering' that needs to be unpublished:

  1. Contact the Registrar's Office to request that the program offering be unpublished on the website.
  2. Provide the start date of the program and the link to the program page where the program offering appears.


Instructions for Registrar's Office
Unpublish the program offering that is not meant to be published:
  1. Go to
  2. Login with your RRU username and password (You must have the appropriate permissions).
  3. Navigate to Content > RRU Module Tab > Program Offerings
  4. Use the filters to locate the program offering by selecting the parent program.
  5. Check the box next to the offering that should not be published.
  6. From the Operations menu, choose 'Unpublish Content' and select 'Execute'.

Furthermore, in Agresso:

  1. Locate the program offering
  2. Set the Apply To date to NULL.
  3. This will prevent the offering from being imported into the website.


Please do not submit a ticket until the initial troubleshooting has been completed and the issue is still unresolved.