Information for Faculty and Staff who intend to purchase equipment using ProD or Research funds


As a good neighbour, we can help out if you wish to buy a computer that looks like our regular equipment, because we can:

  • purchase it on your behalf using our existing vendor connections and purchasing channels (we’ll just need your cost centre & account code for billing)
  • put a standard image on it for you as a courtesy

(an “image” refers to a standard configuration that can be pushed onto a computer all at once, saving hours of setup time.  Our image includes Operating system, MS Office, Adobe Reader, Internet Browsers, virus protection – literally, everything we would put on our “own” computer).

That said, it is important for you to know that equipment purchased using ProD or Research money is not managed or maintained by IT-Services, who are only responsible for equipment that is:

  1. purchased centrally through us for general use at RRU
  2. covered under the technology refresh plan

If we acquired equipment on your behalf, we still wouldn't be responsible for maintaining it but YOU won’t have to spend a lot of time setting it up.  And if it’s running slowly or you are having problems with it a year later and you’d like it refreshed, we can re-image it for you.  (If you've installed things on it in between, you’ll need to be responsible for those, though).  This is an option for 2 to 3 years after you purchase the computer.  After that, we've refreshed the computers of the same age and will no longer carry and maintain an image for them.

If you prefer equipment other than our regular equipment, you can consider purchasing from DELL or Lenovo, where we get a little price break or from UVic Bookstore, where you might be eligible for educational pricing because you are staff/faculty at Royal Roads University.  Please note that we don’t service or support this equipment.

Or, of course, you can buy something completely different from anywhere you like.  Always ask if there’s an educational discount!   You never know…  Again, please note that we can’t service or support that equipment.


Staff and faculty are eligible for a copy of some Microsoft products through the Microsoft Home Use Agreement.  Previously, other products were available but currently, this applies only to Office for Windows and Office for Mac.  Check this page before you go shopping for Microsoft products!

Other companies such as Apple and Adobe offer educational discounts for software.  Please check here to see if there’s anything here of interest, before you make your purchases.  And if you go to a store (ie. London Drugs or Future Shop), always ask if there’s an educational discount just in case. 

Are you reading a printed document?  If so, to get the information presented here, go to the IT Services Help Centre and click the “Login” link in the upper right corner.  Login using your normal username and password.  Then, enter “Research or ProD computer” in the search field, then click 'Search'.  THIS document should be first in the results list.  Click on it and away you go…