When you require changes to your RRU cellphone plan, please contact Computer Services by phone or Online Request Form.

These changes include, but lot limited to:

  • Cellphone plan change
  • Upgrade/replacement cellphone
  • Requesting Telus travel pack or Rogers travel packs
  • New phone or plan

Once contacted, Computer Services will contact the cellphone company and provide you with a cost associated with the change and await your final approval.  Please allow 2-3 days for changes to any contract.  Phone delivery is based on availability - Please allow 3-4 weeks for some popular models.

Please note that each department is responsible for all costs related to cellphones and cellphone plans.  

Each department can make their own decision on the plan and phone, however Computer Services is available to offer assistance.

Please see this page for details on what is included on your regular plan.

How do I get a travel pack?

Rogers customers 

  • By default, have roaming disabled on all RRU cellphones.  You must contact Computer Services as identified below
  • Rogers has default plans however additional options are available.  Computer Services will provide the details upon inquiry

Telus customers

  • Roaming is always on.  Traveling to a country without a travel plan in place can result in large roaming fees
  • If traveling to the US, you do NOT need to contact Computer Services.  
    • You will be charged flat rate of $20 which includes unlimited US calling, calling to Canada and unlimited text for 30 days from the first day you use it. 
    • Additionally they will also be charged $30 for every 500mb of data.  
  • Telus customers traveling to other countries MUST contact Computer Services as identified below

Please contact Computer services and provide us with the following information:

  • Your cellphone number
  • Date you are leaving
  • The duration of your trip
  • Country you are visiting

Computer services will provide you with the travel plan options and once the plan is in place you will get a confirmation email.

Can I get a travel pack for personal use on my RRU phone?

Yes, you can pay for a travel pack out of your own money for your RRU phone.

Please contact Computer services and we will provide further instructions.

Can I return the phone and get a different phone if I don't like it?

Yes, as long as the new phone meets this criteria:

  • less than 30 minutes talk time
  • Less the 15 days since the phone was activated
  • The device and packaging is in it's original condition

How does a voice travel pack work?  Can I call home?

When you get a travel pack this gives you the ability to make any phone call from your destination country to any other place and you will not be charge any additional costs up to the minutes in your plan.  This includes

  • From the country to Canada
  • From the country to a local number
  • From the country to a long distance number
  • From the country to another country

This does NOT include:

  • Phone calls FROM another country (like on a layover or connecting flight)
  • Phone calls on a cruise ship