These instructions are only for people that previously installed a copy of Microsoft Office using the Home Use Agreement.  If you have NOT previously purchased a copy of the software, please see these instructions instead.  These instructions do not pertain to the Office 365 License.

There might be an occasion where a computer is replaced and the Microsoft Office software will need to be re-installed on another computer.  If you still have your software and license key then just re-install the software and enter the license key that you had previously.

If, however, you do not have the software and/or the license key, then you will be required to contact Microsoft and ask for this information again:

  1. Please head to
  2. Enter your RRU email address
  3. Enter the password you set for your Microsoft HUP account (If you forgot your password click on the recover password link under the captcha)
  4. Enter the Captcha
  5. The page will log in to the accounts page which will list your previous purchase.

Please note that if you get a warning telling you that "The corporate licensing agreement for the account you are attempting to access is no longer active or available" then you probably purchased the software before 2011 and you will require you to purchase the software again.