This documentation is for all information related to the digital sign.

For simplicity, the following terms are important:

  • Slide - An image file, we have settled on .JPG files, which is what will be displayed per screen.
  • Playlist - (Our procedure found this step to be unnecessary) A file, with the extension .YML, which contains multiple slides that you want to display.
  • Schedule -A file, with the extension .HSC, that contains information on when a playlist or slide will run. We have created a Master Schedule (Master-Front.hsc and Master-Back.hsc) that will contain all the schedules for the days of the week.
  • Digital Sign Master Directory - This is the folder where the Master Schedule is located as well as all the slides and playlists. It is O:\Staff\Campus Services\Private\Digital Signage

Before you begin

Before you can manage the sign, your PC must be configured with the correct software, fonts and access.  Please contact the Computer Services Department to make arrangements to have your computer setup

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Computer Services Only articles

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  • The digital sign at the top of University Drive is actually 2 signs back-to-back.
  • The front sign is full color whereas the back sign is monochrome (Red) sign with limited resolution.
  • These signs are connected to the RRU network and accessible from any RRU computer on the staff network.
  • Using HyocoImpress software, slides or a playlist can be sent to the sign on a schedule that can be adjusted by day, week, year or continuous.
  • We also have other tools to manage the sign including HyocoConfig (change sign settings), WinSCP (to access sign controler), VNCViewer (to view sign remotely)
  • Slides are created using PowerPoint to create a JPG image.
  • For simplicity, one master schedule for each sign was created. When a change needs to be made, the master schedule is opened and replacement playlists or slides are inserted into the schedule and then the schedule is sent back to the digital sign.
  • The above schedule will run on a 7 day loop (Monday to Sunday)
  • If no slide is identified to run during a given time slot, default slides will run (identified under the Continuous - Welcome schedule)
  • Any slide placed in the Emergency schedule will override all other slides
  • In consideration of a 10 second drive by time, a maximum 2 message loop (5 seconds each) will be assigned to run in each timeslot on the front and back of the sign
  • There is one master directory which contains all the schedules, playlists and slides.

Creating a Sign Request

  • When someone wants a message on the Digital Sign (Readerboard), they will create a request using the Sharepoint Readerboard page:
  • The request form looks like this
  • If authorized, the readerboard managers also can display all the front and back sign requests on one screen
  • There is also a report option that is easier to schedule the requests and can be exported to Excel