• Firefox - A free Internet browser download from Mozilla for PC or Mac.  Overall this software has less issues with Moodle (your course pages) and other RRU pages.  We strongly recommend this over Internet Explorer and Safari.

Firefox allows for some add-ons/extensions that can greatly improve your experience at RRU.  Here are some that we recommend* (please note that some of these add-ons might not be available for Mac however there are similar add-ons available):

  • Lazerus: Form Recovery - This tool will automatically save data being typed into a form field.  This is particularly useful when typing long posts on our Moodle course page.
  • Tiny URL Creator - This tool gives you a simple way to create tiny URL links to replace the long ones.  This is particularly helpful in Moodle forums as long links can sometimes break Moodle themes and it makes for easier reading and flow in posts.
  • IE Tab Plus - This tool allows you to reload a web page using Internet Explorer from within the Firefox window.  It also allows you to set up certain pages so they will automatically open up with Internet Explorer allowing for a seamless transition from page to page.  This is particularly helpful if using RRU webmail to read your email because this Microsoft page is best displayed with the Microsoft browser.
  • Chrome - This software works well with Moodle and is recommended as well
  • Internet Explorer - This browser is good, but does cause some issues with the Moodle learning platform.  Also when connecting to some sites, the username needs to be entered as instructional\username rather then simply username.
  • Microsoft Edge browser -  Has not been tested and is not recommended.
  • Safari - The default Mac browser is not recommended with Moodle because some version do not display the formatting toolbar.  If you would rather use Safari, then we recommend installing Firefox and using it when you are in Moodle or encounter any difficulties.

We do recommend that you have at least 2 browsers installed.  Sometimes what might not work in one browser, you will find works in another.  A quick change of browsers can be a life saver if you are having difficulty late at night and we are not available for immediate assistance.

 *RRU does not endorse nor support the 3rd party applications or add-ons listed above.  The apps and software listed above are suggestions only and should be used at your own discretion.